Monday, 15 March 2010

What life is all about

I always come to a point in life where I look back and I think 'how did I get here?' And it makes me think how crazy life really is. And I look at the things that make me happy and I look at the things that I worry about. It is really important for me to remember that in life, the things I worry about like money, and school, and graduating, and homework..... that's all just stuff I have to do to live. It is not the important stuff. At the time it is never easy to see it that way. When there is a paper due the same week as two exams, and I don't have a job and bla bla, it can be stressful. But I am not alive to worry about these things. I am alive to see what I can do with the time I have. I'm here to meet people to have adventures with, to spend time with my family, to bake, to lay in the sun, to travel, to act like I am five, and to taste everything I can get my hands on. These are what I need to focus on. The other things get the back burner. Life to me is about the people you love and the things you do that make you happy. They are the reasons I get up every morning, so why not make those priority?

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