Friday, 18 March 2011

How to decorate a beautiful flower/rose cake!

I saw a blog that said this was an easy way to decorate a cake and it was true! The hardest part was waiting long enough for the cake to cool to frost it.

Directions on how to decorate a rose cake:

1.Do a quick crumb coat to cover the entire cake.

2.Fill a decorating bag ( using a tip such as a wide star or flower) with frosting.

3. Start where you want the middle of a flower and then swirl around it (about twice)

4. Do this all around the side of the cake and on top. To fill in spaces that may be left                                                                                 behind, go in with the piping bag and curve around the flowers.

5. And there you have a pretty flower cake! Also you can color or add sprinkles!


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