Sunday, 19 August 2012

My New Home: Halmstad

Halmstad is a fun city. It has lots of active people, young and old. Although it is a modern city, there are still traces of when a former Danish king made this city his home. I walked around town and took some pictures. Maybe this will entice some visitors :)

This is the library and our neighborhood.
 This is the bridge that we cross to get downtown. We live to the left of this. 
 Old cool building downtown.
 Brewery. Delicious beer.
 More old stuff.

 Historic old street. 
 Boat in front of the castle.
 Bad picture of the castle.
 Picasso Park form far away.
 In Picasso Park. 
 Main street of downtown

 Jolly park between our apartment and downtown.

 Duck pond, sans ducks...
 Cute Cafe. 

 Proof that Sweden is better than the USA: Pipi hangs out in their trees!

 Homeless shelter for kitties!

Don't you want to come visit now??? You know you do!

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