Friday, 1 June 2012

Moving back to Sweden

I am currently in the process of applying for a Swedish residence permit. Excited?! Absolut!

My Swede and I have decided to move there (together) while he goes to school and I get better at Swedish. We are still looking for an apartment as of right now in the wonderful city, Halmstad. Have I been there? Kinda.. I went to a small beach there, walked around, and continued on a road trip.

This week I go to San Diego for my interview with the Swedish embassy and hopefully in a month or less I will actually behold my ticket to Sweden!

Hopes for my near future:
1. Find a job in Sweden quickly
2. Cohabit successfully with my boyfriend (new territory)
3. Not gain my usual Europe weight
4. Become fluent in Swedish
5. Make a Princesstarta
6. Once I become fluent in Sweden, get an awesome job :)  (airport, teacher, groupon, health organization)
7. Get tested for allergies and get good medicine!!! Yay universal health care!

Also excited for Jacqui's wedding! A. she is my best friend. B. this will be my first Danish wedding. C. I finally get the heck out of America!

More to come when things get a little less crazy around here. The Swede comes in 6 days! Let the real relationship begin... (after 2 years of long distance)


  1. Small beach? It's a BIG beach. "When in Sweden, appreciate beach sizes according to Swedish references".

  2. I guess it was big actually :)