Thursday, 16 February 2012

Time to work

         After my month and a half in Turkey and Sweden it is time to work. This means work as much as I can for a paycheck and work out as much as I can to lose the jolly ten pounds I have gained. Although I had fun stuffing my face from November until now, I do not enjoy my new double chin and inability to fit into my pants. Time to lose some weight.
I just spent the last 4 weeks in Sweden. As always, it was delightful. I was lucky enough to be there at Semla time! Ohhhh Semlor, how I love you so. Semlor are wonderful treats that appear around the time of Lent. They are puffy buns (consistency of hamburger buns) but sweet with cardamom. The top of the bun is cut off and in the middle is mandelmassa (almond paste/marzipan with more almonds than sugar), and whipped cream. Then it is dusted with powdered sugar. These are truly delicious. Especially when your boyfriend’s lovely mom makes the mandelmassa and cream herself. Win!
After a week and a half in Sweden, I got to spend two weeks with boyfriend. There was very much rum, candy, hazelnut cookies, kanelbullar, and fun. We went to Goteborg, possibly the best city in Sweden. I got to put on a Velcro suit and be thrown on a wall. Dream. Come. True. We also saw some cool little monkeys and some horrific spiders.
I will miss Sweden very much. In the mean time, I shall apply for a work visa so maybe I can go there this summer and work. Although it is cold, it is a great place to be. Happy people, frozen water to walk on, ice to play with, delicious things to eat, and much much more.

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