Saturday, 13 February 2010

Things to LOVE about life

Life's Treasures:

1.Hot Chocolate with extra whipped cream
2. Fall- the leaves, the comfy sweaters and scarves, the smell, the treats (pumpkin bread, spice lattes, apple cider, pumpkin pie, etc), Halloween, and Thanksgiving.
3. Getting off an airplane and having someone there that can't wait to see your face.
4. Old couples having sweet moments.
5. The smell of the dishwasher running (for Caitlin)
6. The smell of garlic cooking.
7. Mom's cooking
8. Grandma's cookies
9. The sound that those erasers make when you pop them off the pencil.
10. Watching a sappy movie with your best friend and crying like a baby.
11. Finding a song that describes exactly what you are feeling.
12. Taking a long drive nowhere.
13. Rocking out in the car like no one else is on the road.
14. Getting an A on the exam you worked really hard for.
15. Your softest sweatshirt fresh from the dryer.
16. Chocolate. In all forms. Hot, cold, milk, white, cake, etc.
17. Bear hugs.
18. Your family dog that you refer to as your 'buddy' or 'sister' etc, we all do it dont lie.
19. Getting mail (that doesn't tell you how much you owe)
20. Getting lost and laughing about it
21. well..... for Americans, turning 21
22. Hot shower
23. sleeping in late just because you can
24. skipping class to do something fun
25. sunflowers
26. cookies right out of the oven
27. box brownie and cake mix, so quick you can have it in the oven during one commercial break
28. finding out class is canceled
29. snuggling
30. surprises (flowers on your car, a note stashed somewhere, etc)
31. when your baseball team wins
32. having a beer at a baseball game
33. drinking games
24. finding money in the street
25. massages when your back is mad at you
26. Pizza when you are drunk and hungry
27. Fat free frozen yogurt, if its fat free it totally doesnt count
28. Someone taking care of you when you are pathetic and sick
29. The smell of fabric softener
30. peanut butter!
31. Bright orange and pink sunsets
32. Standing at the end of the pier at night time
33. red wine
34. playing in the rain and then going inside and taking a hot shower
35. sun bathing on the beach with your best friends
36. road trips
37. sweatshirts when you first buy them because they are SO soft on the inside
38. laughing at tourists because you hate them but you walk away from your restaurant job with 100 dollars in tips, just for bussing
39. taking a test you didn't study for and getting an A
40. Being able to walk around in a t-shirt and shorts at night time in the summer
41. Really pretty snowflakes.

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